Our Services

Our Services

On Site Location is committed to providing an excellent location rental experience.


On Site Location provides an entirely new way for your property to be marketed to the Entertainment Industry.  We still utilize the typical Location Agency website and newsletter approach, but we’ve taken it much further by creating a proprietary location scouting app called iScoutLA. iScoutLA is the most comprehensive location platform in Los Angeles and is being used by scouts and managers to search for and secure locations daily.

Process Management

Schedule Scouting Visits

We work with you to schedule scouting visits for productions interested in possibly renting your property.

Contract Negotiation

If chosen for filming, we work with the production company to negotiate a rental contract on your behalf.


We collect the appropriate insurance documents to ensure protection of your property during the rental.


Payment will disbursed to you prior to the commencement of the rental. Deposits are held to cover overtime or damages.

On Site Representation

We provide reputable and tenured site rep's to ensure an excellent experience for both you and the production.

That's a Wrap!

Upon completion we handle any outstanding items and ensure your property is returned to its original state.

Commercial Property Management

Prior to the first booking, we work closely with property management teams to create filming policies and standards  which become part of the Location Agreement used for each rental. We strive to provide clear communication between all parties involved to ensure minimal impact when filming on site. 

Building lasting relationships with Production Companies is at the core of our business.  Our main objective is for Production Companies to have an excellent experience at the rental property, ensuring a long term partnership with both On Site Locations and the property owner.